Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Do your part to expedite the rise of the machines - here's how! (sarcasm - actually, hide after reading)

Psst! Gael Langevin has a secret and he wants everyone to know. He's engineering the body for a humanoid robot... and posting the 3D printer files online so everyone can do the same at home. Take that, Anekin (& some of us thought we'd have a little more time before the sci-fi future arrived in our homes.)

So that's how it is now. With a 3D printer you can actually print the physical body of the ancestors our coming robot overlords. Free instructions, just grab your special ABS plastics, Arduino boards and some motors. Some assembly/programming required, plasma cannons and laser targeting optional.

The only problem is the plastic body may not be durable enough for wholesale slaughtering humans like cattle. In fact as you view the scary video below consider how the pieces can be easily re-printed for replacement. Or with better printers upgraded to stronger materials like steels (or eventually super tough carbon fibers? - yikes.) And its mind will be easily downloaded, uploaded and copied into the Skynet cloud for easy retrieval.

This black-colored arm in front of a note on the wall about needing to be light yet strong enough to punch through walls is a copy that someone printed with Mr. Langevins' instructions. The first thing he said to its creator when he saw it? "Great job, This one looks like it's going to be on the Dark Side of the force. Hope not though."  *gulp*


  1. I envision robots printing robots ad nauseam. I am thinking a flamethrower hand or just a simple sharp spike will be a popular appendage to print for said sentient machines.

  2. A simple sharp spike sounds gruesome! What an imagination you have. I am more worried about something sneakier initially - these first models may be more fragile (these are plastic right)