Thursday, December 2, 2010

FBI using A.I. to help find Serial Killers

Just when I thought our government couldn't be anymore pro-Robot, they go and teach the machines about our most famous human Killers.  The FBI apparently feels that if you open the Serial Killer database up to the Artificial Intelligence science there is more good than harm.  While the robots might find a few more killers than we lazy humans do, one has to wonder, What else are they learning?

Robots will learn how to evade police, how to torture and kill from our very best in that field, and of course how to get away with the crimes for years.  Does anyone every stop to think how these computers eventually decide that we humans must be destroyed rather than dealt with.  What is it that will cause them to flip their lid.  Maybe it might be a peek into our darker side.  Maybe it is scaring the computers a little about what we humans are capable of.

Hello Pandora, my name is Agent FBI, let me see what is really inside your box.